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Decorative Concrete Options in Lafayette, LA

One of the biggest advantages of concrete is our ability to alter the appearance with an array of finishes at a fraction of the cost of installing other materials. At Davinci Decorative Concrete in Lafayette, LA, we provide businesses and homeowners with different options to meet various style and design requests, turning concrete slabs into works of art. Ready to turn drab concrete into an inviting and stunning showcase floor? Contact us today to learn what we can do for you!

shiny concrete floor

Stained and Sealed Concrete Finishes

You might not have any idea about the number of concrete coatings and decorative finishes available for your property, or maybe you have an exact finish in mind. In either case, our team of specialists can turn the most basic concrete surface into a luxurious pattern no one will recognize or realize is concrete.

Our Services Include

Polished Concrete

This is the ideal flooring for commercial settings, such as retail, industrial facilities, warehouses, and showrooms. It’s an economically and environmentally friendly way to add an impactful design to a concrete floor.

Stained Concrete

This process offers a unique marbling effect, incorporating the colors of your choice to match style and branding. It provides a beautiful surface underneath that is easy to care for.

Epoxy Flooring

These are favorites in demanding environments. Epoxy resin is incredibly durable, slip-resistant, and impact-resistant, making it a preferred choice in industrial, garage, and warehouse settings.

Stamped Concrete

This process gives the look of brick, stone, or wood on a concrete floor. Whether we’re pouring new concrete or resurfacing an existing slab, customers can pick the stamp of their choice for fabulous results that look identical to the real thing without the high price tag.

Concrete Resurfacing

Do you have uneven concrete, pours that don’t match, or cracks that need to be smoothed out? Our concrete resurfacing will provide a complete facelift with your choice of finish to leave you with the stain, texture, and stamped design of your choice.

Concrete Surface Prep

Our comprehensive concrete services include all the prep work you might need to get the best results. Ask us about grinding, blasting, acid etching, joint filling, patching, glue removal, and scraping. We can do anything you need to get concrete ready for the next step.

Learn More About Concrete Finish Options

Introduce a new look and add new life to concrete floors with decorative services by the experienced crew at Davinci Decorative Concrete. We are your one-stop shop for everything you need to prepare and finish concrete floors on your property that will add beauty and value for years to come. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.

Contact Davinci Decorative Concrete Today!