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High-Quality Concrete Garage Floor Coatings

Davinci Decorative Concrete in Lafayette, LA is a concrete garage floor coating company using advanced techniques and materials for superior results. When you want assurance that the job is done right and will provide years of reliable quality, give us a call. Even the experienced DIYer can have difficulty executing this type of job. Save yourself the frustration, time, and hassle of trying to fix a mediocre job or correct mistakes, and reach out to us for superior work done right the first time.


What to Expect With Our Garage Coating Process

We want all of our customers to be confident they’re getting the highest quality work when they hire our team for epoxy concrete coating services. We use nothing but the best products, modern techniques, and the right equipment to guarantee impeccable results. Every job includes:

  • Inspection – We will thoroughly inspect the concrete floor to ensure it’s in stable condition for our products.
  • Floor Preparation – Our team will properly prepare the surface for excellent adhesion and quality.
  • Application – Our technicians are trained in epoxy concrete coating processes, applying the proper amounts and layers for years of enjoyment from your new top coat.

Why Choose a Concrete Coating for Your Garage?

The garage serves many purposes. Whether you use it to store your vehicles, lawn equipment, or sporting goods, or it acts as your workshop, ensuring the footing underneath you is sound is a critical step that shouldn’t be overlooked. In terms of aesthetics, epoxy offers a wide range of design options, from vibrant colors to decorative flakes and metallic effects, allowing you to customize your garage floor to match your style and preferences. Our commercial-grade products can add years of life and protection to your garage floor that offers more benefits than you may realize, such as:


Concrete is a strong material made to withstand heavy weight, but years of exposure will begin to weaken the bond, and it will crack and chip. An epoxy coating on top will lengthen the life of the foundation, so there's less to worry about over the years.

Easy to Clean

Any spills such as oils, paints, cleaners, and other substances clean up easily off our surface coatings. Untreated bare concrete will soak in liquids, leaving stains for years.

Slip Resistant

Add safety to your work areas with slip–resistant coating that will limit accidents and slip and fall injuries.

High-Class Glossy Look

Our epoxy coating application can make the oldest concrete floor look brand new! With polishes and gloss finishes, we can add touches that will brighten the entire garage.

Lafayette’s Number One Choice for Garage Coatings

Take your garage floor to new heights with professional epoxy coating and resurfacing services by Davinci Decorative Concrete, the most trusted name in concrete work. We’ve been serving Lafayette’s residential and commercial community with honest and dependable services and are fully committed to being the best. Contact us to schedule an estimate today.

Contact Davinci Decorative Concrete Today!