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Pool Deck Resurfacing and Coating in Lafayette, LA

Davinci Decorative Concrete is Lafayette, LA’s premier provider of quality concrete and cement pool deck resurfacing services for homes and businesses throughout the area. Do you need to update your pool deck? Is it showing signs of wear, or does it feel slippery to walk on when it’s wet? Contact our team of professionals for comprehensive resurfacing and coating services for residential and commercial pool decks.

swimming pool

Customize Your Pool Deck for a Stunning Finish

Our concrete resurfacing services involve applying a fresh coating on the top layer of your existing concrete pool deck. Our customers often ask, what’s the difference between concrete and cement? The answer is nothing, really. Cement is an ingredient in concrete. So, if you’re researching resurfacing and coating services for concrete or cement, our team handles it all. Resurfacing is an ideal solution to bring a fresh look and update your current pool deck because of the various options available to customize the end result. We will review all the patterns, textures, and color options available to achieve your desired look. Interested in something a little more detailed than standard concrete? We offer stamped concrete finishes that can replicate other materials at a fraction of the cost, such as:

  • Brick
  • Limestone
  • Wood
  • And more
concrete flooring pool

Add Important Safety Features to Your Pool Deck

Safety in pool areas is essential. One of the biggest dangers on pool decks is slippery conditions from water and puddles. Our team can add a slip-resistant coating to your concrete patio to keep children and adults safe. Another common problem is concrete surfaces that get too hot from the sun’s powerful rays. This can burn and harm the bare feet of adults and children and your pets’ paws, but we have a remedy for hot concrete surfaces. Our coating options include materials that reduce the temperature of concrete to keep it cool, even in direct sunlight.

We Make Improvements to Outdoor Pool Decks

The quality concrete resurfacing and coating services by Davinci Decorative Concrete in Lafayette, LA add curb appeal and safety to residential and commercial pool areas. Once our work is complete, maintaining your pool deck is simple. Just keep it clear of debris buildup and wipe up stains with non-abrasive commercial cleaners. You’ll be enjoying your beautiful new pool deck for years to come!

We Handle Resurfacing for All Concrete Areas

Our outdoor concrete resurfacing services aren’t limited to pool decks. Often, houses or businesses with a pool have adjoining walkways and patios to tie various parts of the landscape together. Our team can offer a comprehensive resurfacing and coating plan to ensure continuity and safety among all areas of the property.

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